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Interested in raising geese? RaisingGeese.com is your personal guide to the hobby of raising geese. Whether you're raising geese for fun or profit, we'll show you all the basics of goose care, including:

RaisingGeese.com offers exceptional goose resources for anyone interested in raising geese. Raising geese is a fantastic hobby for both beginner and advance poultry hobbyists. While raising chickens enjoys more widespread popularity, more and more people are discovering the joys of raising geese. Let us introduce you to the wonderful world of geese—from feeding geese to brooding geese to choosing your own goose breed—and see for yourself how fun raising geese can be!

All About Raising Geese

According to the University of Minnesota's Extension Service, geese are raising in "practically all parts of the United States." When raising geese, most people choose the Emden goose breed of the Toulouse goose breed. The right breed of goose for you depends on why you're raising geese.

What You Need to Know Before Raising Geese

First, why are you raising geese? Are you raising a gaggle of geese for goose eggs? Or are you interested in goose meat? Or perhaps you're just raising geese for the fun of it?

Second, choose your goose breed. The right goose breed for you depends on your level of experience with raising poultry, as well as why you're raising geese.

Third, select how you're going to raise your poultry. Unlike raising chickens, geese don't need a "goose coop." However, they'll still need shelter!

Finally, learn all the basics of goose care. For example, do you know how to feed geese? Raising geese and its specifics, such as feeding geese, is easy with the right resources. That's why we're here! With our help, raising geese can be easy and fun.